Cremo, Sponsors the bull for the winner of Estavayer2016

presents Mazot de Cremo

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Estavayer2016, the federal festival of Swiss wrestling and alpine games, was held from the 26th to 28th of August 2016 in La Broye. The Estavayer2016 committee and the Fribourg wrestlers can take pride in having hosted this occasion in great style, the most important sporting event in Switzerland this year. An event that Cremo was also very honoured to support as the sponsor of the bull offered to the winner of Estavayer2016. Hearty congratulations from Cremo to the King of Wrestling on his impressive achievement.

Speech by the CEO of Cremo, Paul-Albert Nobs, Bulle, September 20, 2014


The career and life of Mazot de Cremo

Events calendar Mazot de Cremo

The bull Mazot de Cremo will be present at these events:

  • 12.08–28.08.2016, Estavayer2016
  • 08.2016 - Estavayer2016
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    In front of thousands of spectators, Mazot de Cremo trod upon the lush grass of the Estavayer2016 arena for one last time to be presented to the King of Wrestling, Matthias Glarner!
    Led by his breeders, he was also accompanied with great enthusiasm by Cremo CEO Mr Nobs, Miss Switzerland and his godfather and godmother towards his future destiny.
    Three cheers for the King of Wrestling, three cheers for the bull of the Estavayer2016 winner!

  • 05.2016 – Mediaday Estavayer 2016
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    On 12th May 2016, with a 100 days to go before the event of the year, the town of Estavayer welcomed nearly 200 media personalities and sponsors. For the occasion, the President of the Estavayer 2016 festival, Mr Albert Bachmann, was accompanied by guests of honour such as Miss Switzerland 2016. Mazot de Cremo – the prize for the future winner of the wrestling competition – was thus presented to her.

    Source of the first photo : La Liberté

  • 05.2016 - Beapferd
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    The presentation of Mazot de Cremo at the BeaPferd public trade fair on Friday 6th May was a great success. In a festive atmosphere, it gave lots of people the opportunity to admire the prize for the future winner of the Estavayer 2016 Federal Wrestling Festival!


  • 04.2016 – Photographs of the live prizes in Echarlens

    Mazot de Cremo had his photograph taken in the midst of daisies and lush green grass, along with his equine and bovine friends, who will be handed over to the winners of the Estavayer 2016 Federal Festival.

  • 11.2015 - Comptoir Broyard
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    On 7th November 2015, Estavayer 2016 was guest of honour at the ‘Comptoir Broyard’ (regional public trade fair and consumer goods exhibition of La Broye). Its first live prize, Mazot de Cremo, was thus presented to an audience of VIPs by the President of Estavayer 2016, Mr Albert Bachmann.

  • 10.2015 - Comptoir de la Veveyse
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    Cremo, along with Mazot de Cremo, has attended the ‘Comptoir de la Veveyse’ (regional trade fair and consumer goods exhibition open to the public) on 24th October 2015 in the run-up to the Cantonal Festival of Swiss Wrestling.

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  • 09.2015 – ‘Bénichon’ of the Fribourg region and ‘Désalpe’ of Planfayon
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    The village of Planfayon drew in huge crowds on the last weekend of September. Because the ‘Bénichon’ (traditional folk festival) of the Fribourg region and the “désalpe” (descent from mountain pastures) of Planfayon received more than 20,000 visitors. They came in the lovely sunny weather as the various events were held, bringing the village to life on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th. These included the Saturday parade of Mazot de Cremo, surrounded by children and cheered on by his many fans.


  • 08.2015 - The Mazot de Cremo parade at the Estavayer 2016 preliminary event in Estavayer
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    More than 4,000 visitors attended on that sunny day for the big event “1 year before the festival” organised by Estavayer 2016. A very colourful opportunity for Mazot de Cremo to meet his fans from Estavayer!

    Video of Mazot de Cremo

  • 04.2015 - His presence at the Fribourg Swiss wrestling festival 2015 in Matran
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    Mazot de Cremo honored by his presence the organizing committee of the first Swiss cantonal wrestling festival 2015, which took place Sunday, April 26th in Matran.

    Accompanied by his godmother Mrs. Christine Bulliard-Marbach, Mazot de Cremo was presented twice in the presence of over 2000 spectators!

    Video of Mazot de Cremo in Matran

  • 12.2014 - New Year gifts from the godmother and godfather for 2015 !
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    Three months after his baptism, Mazot de Cremo, the official bull of the federal Swiss wrestling festival and the alpine games 2016 has been visited with joy by his godmother Mrs. Christine Bulliard-Marbach and his godfather Mr. Hans-Peter Pellet!

    Video of the New Year’s gifts